Orlijohn 120

Orlijohn 120 is a potent medicine effective in promoting weight loss. Orlistat USP 120 helps reduce weight by treating obesity in an individual. Subsequently improving metabolism as well as appetite, the medicine helps improve overall health. Resolving Obesity as well as BMI level, the medicine is efficient for adult individuals.



Orlijohn 120 is an efficient medicine to sustain and also promote weight loss. Orlistat USP 120mg is the active substance of the medicine. The manufacturing of the medicine is done for Johnlee Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. The prescription medicine is effective and appropriate for some people. It helps get rid of extra fat in the body as it works perfectly well in burning fat. Weight loss and weight gain can be a kind of health effects. The medicine works to breakdown the fat in the body thereby restricting daily fat consumption. It is an ideal solution that comes as a barrier to that enzyme and also undigested food to remove through the bowel movement. Leading an average weight loss, medicine is effective for many individuals.

Benefits of the medicine

With the mechanism, Orlistat USP 120 is a lipase inhibitor that works to absorb fatty acids in the body.
It helps provide relief from weight loss issues.
The basic function of the medicine is to break fat in the body and avoid it from absorption.
By promoting metabolism as well as appetite in the body, the medicine works to resolve obesity and decrease body mass index (BMI).
The medicine works perfectly for overweight as well as higher BMI level individuals.

Dosage of the medicine

Seek medical attention before taking the medicine. Consumption of 120mg of dosage three times in a day is recommended. Consume the medicine an hour after meal time. If the meal contains low fat or one is skipping a meal, one can skip the dose. Try not to overdose the medicine as it will not provide additional benefits. One needs to consume multivitamin with medicine.

Side effects of medication

Oily spotting on clothes, urgent bowel movement, abdominal pain, loose stool. Side effects of the medicine generally occur due to overdose of the medicine. These effects vary from person to person.